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The article, Egg Hunt 2020 contains a piece of content that has been fully removed from Ultimate Driving. It is unconfirmed whether or not this will be re-added back to the game. The page will be kept up for historical purposes.

Date Removed:
April 28th, 2020.


The Cheggered Flag Egg was an egg that was part of the 2020 Roblox Egg Hunt that you could've got by doing Pro Races in Victory Island, which is an island part of UD: Westover Islands.

In order to get this egg, you need to do the pro races in Victory Island. It can be either from doing Drag Races, Circuit Races, or the Grand Prix. Each race will give you egg points. The total of egg points to get this egg is 10 egg points.

From April 7th 2020 to April 9th 2020, mobile and Xbox players weren’t able to get this egg. TwentyTwoPilots then opened up the game to mobile players. Upon joining, users get a message telling them that TTP is still working on mobile capability, and that they have been rewarded the egg for free. Xbox players can now play the game to get the egg, however they need to reset upon joining and can’t use a lot of normal functions in the game.

Egg Points

Race Track Egg Points
Drag Race 2
Circuit Race 3
Grand Prix 3



  • This egg only applies to the main game, UD: Westover Islands. Other games will not have this egg.
  • Mobile players weren't able to get this egg from 4/7 to 4/9.
  • This is the first time Ultimate Driving has been part of a Roblox event.
  • Players weren’t able to get this egg from April 26th-April 27th and for a while of April 28th because TwentyTwoPilots removed it from the game early, thinking that the event still ended on April 26th. He later added it back to the game.
  • Due to the mobile and Xbox situation (not just in UD, but other games), the 2020 Egg Hunt was widely criticized.