Hydrolock (also known as MUTCD) is a resigned game developer in the Ultimate Driving Universe. He was making the states of Florida and Alabama while he was in Ultimate Driving. Currently, he is the founder and owner of Infiniroads.



Hydrolock is credited for bringing mesh-based vehicles to the Ultimate Driving Universe, as well as creating the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) and the 2008 Ford F-150. Hydrolock also planned to introduce light trailers for the citizen team and a backhoe for the DOT Team, but these ideas were also scrapped.

Former Games

Note: Some of these games may become Infiniroads maps. Ultimate Driving passes will NOT work on these maps (as they are separate) should they become re-released.


UD: Hillsborough (Formerly UD: Sunshine City)

Main article: UD: Hillsborough

Hillsborough was based in the Tampa, Florida region. The game originally was planned to be based on Tampa but it was later renamed to North Tampa, Sunshine City and finally Hillsborough before Hydrolock resigned from UDU. The map was never fully released despite multiple beta periods; the project was cancelled in 2017 after being out of date.

Following the creation of Infiniroads, the Hillsborough map will be used for IR: Tampa (see below).

UD: Terra Ceia

Plans were made but were shelved.

UD: St. Johns

Main article: UD: St. Johns

St. Johns, formerly known as Nassaudale was a game created by Hydrolock. It is the second game based in Florida, and was still under construction before Hydrolock left UD. This game was supposed to include parts of Jacksonville, Florida. Not much is known about the game due to progress.

UD: Yulee

This game has been cancelled.

UD: Browardville

According to Hydrolock's Twitter feed, Browardville will be based in southeastern Florida, which will take parts of Fort Lauderdale, FL. This game is still under construction before leaving UD. It's unknown if it's being worked on. He has completed Broward Beach. (Proof on his Twitter page, link below.)

This game will not be released as an Ultimate Driving map.

UD: Florida Keys

More info coming soon. (What we may know: According to the UDU map, the main city will most likely be Southpoint Key (Key West, FL.). Other points of interest may be, but not limited to, Frontage Key (Marathon, FL.), US Route 1, Florida State Route A1A, and Florida State Route 905. Parts of Southern Miami/Miami Beach and I-95's southern terminus may be included too if Hydrolock thinks that just 2 cities and major routes are too little for a UDU game.)

This game will not be released as an Ultimate Driving map.

UD: Biscayne

Biscayne was a future game by Hydrolock that will soon be based on some parts of Miami, FL according to Hydrolock's twitter page. Currently, it is in a free beta stage. Although, this game is still under heavy construction. This game was announced in May 2017. It's unknown if Hydrolock is still working on it after leaving UD. Perhaps, Biscayne might release?


UD: Senford

This game is shelved.

Resigning (Stepping Down)

In June 2018, Hydrolock resigned from UDU by closing all his games and leaving the official UDU fan group. He left the UDU group because "the community is getting worse."

In August 2018, the Southern Driving Games forum on the UDU website was temporarily closed for updates. Once it reopened a month later, the Florida and Alabama sections had been removed from the forum. However, the Florida and Alabama sections of the official map still remain, although they will never be released. The forum description no longer makes any reference to Hydrolock as well.

Infiniroads Driving Series

One month after Hydrolock stepped down as a UDU developer, he established the Infiniroads Driving Series. Hydrolock and other developers (such as JetFuelMeltedMyMeme, notNickWilde, LegoImp, and others) planned 10 games for series. Their social media currently are Twitter and Discord. The Infiniroads project uses a similar logo as the one Hydrolock used during his UDU development period. However, Hydrolock became inactive in Roblox around early 2020, which cause the project to be shelved.

Infiniroads: Tampa

This map uses the former UD: Hillsborough map.

Infiniroads: San Francisco

This game is based on San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge and some parts of downtown.

Did You Know?

  • Hydrolock changed his name to MUTCD and eventually changed it back as a result of a poll on Twitter.
  • Unlike TwentyTwoPilots, Hydrolock was the first developer to make games his own way.
  • Unlike other games, most of Hydrolock's maps had mainly wide roads, due to heavier traffic in Florida.

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