The 2009 Aston Martin DBS is a British sports car in the Ultimate Driving Universe. It was added on November 10th, 2018 along with the Smart Fortwo, and can be bought for $538,000. It is known as the 2009 Marek PVS ingame.


The Aston Martin DBS is a British super grand tourer based on the DB9 manufactured by the UK automotive manufacturer Aston Martin.

The DBS is equipped with Aston Martin's flagship 5.9-litre AM11 V12 engine that produces 510 bhp

To keep the weight as low as possible, Aston Martin has made extensive use of carbon fibre throughout the whole car. The bonnet, the boot, the front wings, the door opening surrounds and the boot compartment is all made of carbon fibre. The carpets are also made by special thin layers made from carbon fibre. The roof and the doors are made of aluminium. The result is a 30 kg (66 lb) weight reduction from a regular DB9. The car is also fitted with a carbon fibre splitter at the front wings to increase handling and a carbon fibre rear diffuser to increase high-speed stability.



  • The DBS was first seen in the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, the first film in which Bond was played by Daniel Craig, as a result of a product placement deal with Aston Martin's parent company at the time, Ford.
  • Approximately 3,400 of the DBS were built.
  • The DBS was featured in an episode of Top Gear, being driven by former presenter (and current The Grand Tour host) Jeremy Clarkson.
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