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Note: Discussions of bans or sightings of the OBS may be posted in the comments.


The Orbital Ban Star is a tool that is used to kick or ban someone from the Ultimate Driving Universe. This tool is only in a menu called "Admin Panel" which can only be used by Admins and Moderators. This tool is a satellite that hovers far above the universe maps. The Ban Cannon is only used if people are caught violating the rules in front of a moderator or admin, disrespecting the staff or if an automatic ban is issued. Most players will only see it in action if moderation is in the game. If someone is banned by the Orbital Ban Star, a notice will show "[player name] has felt the wrath of the Orbital Ban Star."

This tool replaced the Orbital Ban Cannon, which was used to ban players from early 2016 to late 2017.

​How It Works

The Orbital Ban Star is usually used when someone breaks the rules. Here is how it works:

Admin Panel Button.

Admin Procedures

  1. Admins must open a menu with the title of ”Admin Panel."
  2. A Menu then appears that shows every command an Admin may do.

    The Admin Panel Menu.

    This is the Admin Panel menu.
  3. Then, they must press a button named "Ban Player" and type the username of the offending player. If the player is to be kicked, the admin or moderator will click the "Kick Player" button.
  4. Finally, It comes to remove the person that the Admin desires to kick/ban.The player will be killed by a green laser beam, regardless of where they are in the game and will be kicked when they respawn. Anyone in the game will also hear the sound effects associated with the laser beam striking the target. Other players who are in the area will also see the beam.

The Button to ban a player (upclose).

What do players see?

Players that are banned will be disconnected from the game, then receive a notice outlining the violation and the length of the ban. If a banned player attempts to join any UDU game, they will be immediately disconnected until their ban expires. Banned players will also be forced to close the Roblox game client after receiving the notice.

If you are kicked from a game by an admin or moderator, you will also be disconnected and receive a notice stating the reason why you were kicked. However, you can rejoin the game immediately.

Unban Appeals

If you get banned, the best way to appeal is to join the official Ultimate Driving Discord server. Once you have joined, you will need to locate the channel where you can appeal.

Note: Please do not use the UD Unofficial Fan Wikia Discord server to appeal as we cannot help you there.

In addition to appealing through the Discord server, you may appeal through the UD Forums.

Forum Appeal Procedure

  1. Enter the UD Forums on your search engine and click the link to the main page.
  2. Create a forum user account, and wait around a day’s length to be checked, from the forum security or log in to the forums if you have an existing account.
  3. Create a thread in the Court of Appeals. Only you and the moderators will be able to see it.
  4. Enter your Roblox Information, including your username, etc.
  5. State the reason why you’d like to be unbanned and that you were wrongly banned (if you have been banned)
  6. Wait around a week to 6 months, and see if the moderators accept your appeal.
  7. If said yes, then you should be able to play Ultimate Driving again. Note that if you have a temporary ban, if you get no replies, you will be able to play normally once it expires.

Note: This doesn’t always work. You may be declined in your appeal, and it could possibly result in a permanent ban that cannot be resolved. The UD Forum moderators also barely check ban appeals. If the admins and moderators decide to add an extra punishment (such as loss of in-game money, etc.), you will also be subject to it. In addition, repeat violations of the forum rules may also affect your in game account and you may be banned from playing if you have been banned from the forums.

Please don’t try and get yourself banned. Some actions could result in a permanent ban or something else that is just as bad as that. You’ll only make yourself feel bad, as Ultimate Driving is a game everybody should enjoy, and you shouldn’t ruin it by doing something that deserves a ban.

Warning: Using a known alt of a banned account to access UDU games will result in the account getting banned.

What may trigger the OBS?

This information is important to note, so please DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IN GAME:

Violations that may result in a ban

  • Intentionally blocking traffic
  • Trolling, including playing excessively loud music

Violations that will result in a ban

  • Severe repeat violations of rules
  • Disrespecting staff members
  • Bypassing chat filter
  • Attempting to exploit the game, including having leaked models or assets; this will result in a permanent ban


If you want an actual clip of someone being banned, why didn't you say so! You're in luck, here are some!

And all the videos are not by the wiki, they belong to TwentyTwoPilots and BengalShark!

Note: Most of these videos were taken in 2016 and 2017, prior to the mesh update. But here is a link to a video from 2020.


Orbital Ban Star

A Video of testing the Ban System.


UDU Moderation First episode Banning

BengalShark (one of the mods) banning people in UD: Westover Islands probably because people were breaking the rules.


Moderation Episode 2 Spawn arrested-0


Moderation Episode 4 Blocking the road


Moderation Episode 5 (P 1)

Someone Exploits so BengalShark bans the person who did it.


Moderation Episode 6-0

Someone plays screaming audio, so BengalShark comes back to ban the player.


Moderation Episode 7

Someone blocks West US 40 so BengalShark bans the person.


Moderation Episode 8 (Part one)

First part of episode 8 by BengalShark.


Moderation episode 8 (Part 2)

part 2 of episode 8 by BengalShark!


Moderation Episode 9


Moderation Episode 10 Thank you for 80 subscribers.

Someone harassed players. So Bengal bans the person.


Moderation episode 11 (banning spree)

The people that are talking is Bengal and his friend.


  • This item is the second tool in a ROBLOX Game to ban someone, you just press a button or type to do that in other games.
  • The Orbital Ban Star is shaped like the Death Star from Star Wars. "It's a Trap" Admiral Ackbar.

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