Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands is the first and most popular game of the Ultimate Driving Universe. This game is set on four islands which are connected to UD: Odessa and in the future, Harriston. This game was originally called Ultimate Driving II since it was originally a revamped version of Ultimate Driving II Classic. UD: Westover Islands is also the most popular UDU game. It is the only Ultimate Driving game to receive 100+ million visits.

There are four islands that make up the Westover Islands collectively as an archipelago. From largest to smallest Westover, the largest and most populated holding the three towns of Westover (county seat), Woodbury and Kensington, South Beach, Palm Shores Island, which is home to its namesake town Palm Shores, and Angler Island which is a Wildlife Refuge. Nomtauk, despite being part of this game, is on Alan Island which is an island but is not part of the archipelago.


Originally, this map was oriented north-south with I-76 as Delaware Route 1, US 40 as Delaware Route 3, Chestnut Street as Delaware Route 2 (later SR 3 until being downgraded to county level) and the US 40 Business Route as state routes 4 and 5. Delaware State Route 12 was originally State Route 6 and prior to the current map, US 17. When the game was revised to become east and west, the US and Interstate designations replaced some of the original state route designations.

This game features country roads, 6 towns, an oil refinery, 3 bridges, and a local port. Also, a bus terminal was added on January 13, 2017 - making Westover the main hub for public transit in the region. Furthermore, on March 26, 2017, this game was renovated to add a new look to the southern part of the main island.

Westover Islands has the most game changes out of any game on Ultimate Driving. With an average of three map updates per year, the game has seen its map grow and expand over multiple updates. The greatest update of them all was in South Beach. Back in around 2015-2016, South Beach covered the entire island of where it is now situated today. In 2017, South Beach downgraded to a humble and quiet beachside village.

The causeway on US 40 was not exempt, having a drawbridge installed in July 2017 near Palm Shores. In August 2017, the US 40/DE 12 intersection was redesigned. The drawbridge doesn't lift like the ones in the Newark Beta and Currituck. It was integrated into the causeway and had its traffic signals removed, making DE 12 the only main road in the area without signals.

In January 2018, the Harriston Bay Bridge and Tunnel (HBBT) was added to the map, completing the Delaware portion of I-76 and adding a large toll plaza. Angler Island Wildlife Refuge and small parts of Alan Island and Nomtauk were also added in this update.

In October 2020, the Mount Astley region was added above the Cape Henlopen Tunnel. This coincided with the off-roading update which included multiple vehicles being tuned into an off-roading chassis. This beautiful area is certainly a first for Roblox games and features beautiful waterfalls and precarious off-roading trails.

Major Roads Serving Westover Islands

Road Designation Road Name Areas or Destinations served/Connections Notes
I-76 Mid-Atlantic Tollway (Not a beltway to cities.) Cape Henlopen, Masonsville, Angler Island, Alan Island, Nomtauk Formerly DE 1
US 40 Coastal Highway, Westover Sound Bridge Westover, Palm Shore, Cape Henlopen/Alan Island, Bordenville, Newark Formerly DE 2
BUS 40 Summit Road, Kensington Road Kensington, Palm Shores, Woodbury Formerly DE 4/5
DE 12 South Beach Formerly

US 17

Doe Run Road Westover, Oil Refinery (Formerly)
Chestnut Road Westover, Woodbury Formerly DE 3

Towns and Cities

  1. Westover- Seat of the area, notable areas include PD, post office, spawn, bus station, and more.
  2. Woodbury - Small town, with spawn and houses only. The Racing Update added a new house for Woodbury, unofficially dubbed as the ‘lake house’. There is also a hidden home between Doe Run Road and Kensington.
  3. Kensington - Home of the local port, hospital, DOT yard, and a fire station. Biggest town in-game.
  4. Palm Shores - Small tropical-feeling town on its own small island, with its own tower, boardwalk and beach.
  5. South Beach - A resort community, consisting of a few houses and a spawn.
  6. Nomtauk - a very small area on Alan Island, consisting only of a car spawn and a Pit Stop
Town Size Rank




1. Kensington 1. South Beach
2. Westover 2. Kensington
3. Palm Shores 3. Westover
4. South Beach 4. Palm Shores
5. Woodbury 5. Woodbury
6. Nomtauk --


  • UD: Westover Islands reached over 150 million visits.
  • UD: Westover Islands is the most popular and well known UD game, leading some players to believe Westover Islands is a single game instead of part of a series.
  • UD: Westover Islands has the most map updates on average out of any other UD: Game with an average around three per year.
  • UD: Westover Islands was part of the 2020 egg hunt, named Agents of E. G. G. You could win the "Cheggered Flag Egg" an egg with white and black checkers on it by having 10 racing points.
    • UD: Westover Islands was the first UD game to be included in a Roblox event.
    • If you joined on mobile during the egg hunt, you automatically got the egg. It appeared on a teal screen, and the egg was immediately available in the player’s inventory.
  • UD: Westover Islands changed its main logo after the v4.1.7 update on 25th July 2020.
  • Victory Road got removed on 6th November 2020.
  • UD: Westover Islands got 1,000,000 favorites.
  • The oil refinery on Doe Run Road was moved to its new location between Woodbury and Mount Astley State Park.
  • On April 1st, 2021, the game was renamed to Ultimate Boating: Suez Islands to commemorate the Evergreen ship vessel getting stuck in Suez Canal in Egypt and the April Fools day.
    • The icon says Suez Simulator even though the game title is Ultimate Boating.
  • On April 17th, 2021, the game became of the Roblox Metaverse Event. This event involved picking up one of the pink Week 1 - Metaverse Boxes which will give you a badge and a roblox accessory item.
  • On April 26th, 2021, the game decided to host like milestone vehicle specials and these vehicles are only available for a week.

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