US-40 is a US-Highway in the Ultimate Driving Universe. It currently stretches across three games (Westover, Odessa, and Newark) and is one of the only 2 roads to do so. The whole route is about 25 miles (40 km) long, including the concurrency with I-76, with the section from Nomtauk, New York to the UD: Odessa - UD: Newark border playable.

US-40 starts in the tiny hamlet of Nomtauk where it is concurrent with I-76. US-40 heads down the HBBT then gets to the Angler Island Wildlife Refuge and heads west. Then it gets to the Cape Henlopen State Park where the concurrency with I-76 ends. US-40 heads to Westover on a two-lane road, intersecting US-40 BUS on a traffic circle. US-40 continues until it crosses a bridge into Westover where it turns into a divided highway. US-40 goes through Westover then crosses a bridge into Palm Shores. US-40 goes through the center of the city, intersecting US-40 BUS then heading to the Westover Sound. It then hits dry land intersecting DE-12, and heads to Bordenville. US-40 goes through Bordenville then hits I-95. US-40 then passes the Hospital for UD: Odessa, intersecting US-1 and going across farmland on the way to Newark. When US-40 gets to Newark it goes south of downtown then intersects I-476. US-40 then intersects the new DE 7 before reaching its western terminus.



US-40 West road shield in Bordenville.

Speed Limits

Speed (mph) Speed (km/h) Section
35 56 Palm Shores, Newark (Photo Enforced), Westover (Photo Enforced)
40 64 Cape Henoplen State Park
45 72 Between Palm Shores and Westover

50 80 Bordenville, Between Westover and Cape Henlopen State Park
55 97 Westover Island Causeway
75 104 Harriston Bay Bridge And Tunnel (HBBT)

Major Intersections

From east to west:

District/City Connecting Route(s)/Destinations Notes
Harriston I-80/Harriston Eastern (northern) end of I-76 concurrency

End of US-40

Cape Henlopen State Park I-76/Newark Western end of I-76 concurrency

Not turning at the eastbound entrance will enter a parking lot

Access to I-76 West was formerly through a tunnel

Westover US-40 BUS/Woodbury, Kensington Traffic circle
Westover Chestnut Road/Woodbury Formerly DE-3
Westover Westover Transit Hub The exit for the Transit Hub, the entrance is on Chestnut Road
Westover Doe Run Road Eastbound right-turn lane is a ramp
Palm Shores US-40 BUS (Kensington Road)/Kensington, Kensington Port Eastern end of US-40 Causeway
South Beach DE-12/South Beach Former west end of route

Traffic signals removed, intersection narrowed

Bordenville DE-72 (Red Mill Road)/Red Mill Crossroads, Bordenville, Cape Ann
Bordenville I-95/Odessa, Lancaster, Harriston
Bordenville  US-1 (Odessa Pike)/Springfield, Odessa
Newark Access to MD-781
Newark DE-896 By-Pass/Elk Mills, Cape Ann Southbound access
Newark Second Avenue

Start of split section

Separate traffic lights for each direction

Newark DE-896 North (Third Street)/ Cape Ann

Northbound DE-896 only

Traffic lights are in sync with each other, controlled by one box

Newark DE-896 South (Fourth Street)/Elk Mills, Maryland Southbound DE-896 only
Newark Fifth Street Current western terminus

A view of the Westover Island Sound as seen on Route 40, East of Westover.


  •  Most of the route is a 4-lane divided highway, except for the Westover causeway and the section east of Westover. The causeway is a 2-lane divided highway while the section east of Westover is not divided.
  • The section in downtown Newark has the widest median, the median between Fourth and Fifth streets is a city parkette. Effectively, it's a split section.
  • The original US-40/I-76 interchange was a westbound connection through the mountain on the main island, with US-40 connecting to DE-4 (now US-40 Business). This interchange was changed to a traffic circle in the May 2016 update to Westover Islands, along with the reassignment of DE-4 and to US-40 Business.
  • The intersection at DE-12 was a traffic signal until an update to the causeway. The signal was removed and replaced with a smaller intersection on the bridge, with a stop sign controlling traffic on DE-12 and reduced speed to 50 mph (80 km/h) on US-40.
  • A drawbridge exists near the Palm Shore end of the causeway to provide a heavier impact on traffic and it is protected by traffic signals and gates. When the red signal is displayed, you must stop as the bridge is being raised and it is unsafe to pass. Stop behind the gates if a yellow signal is displayed to prevent getting trapped on the bridge and do not drive around the gate to cross when it is being lowered. If your vehicle is parked on the bridge and the gates are lowered, do not attempt to access it.
  • The portion of US-40 in UD: Westover Islands is a dangerous road due to many reckless drivers and speeders.
  • With the Newark overhaul, US-40 will see major changes west of Odessa.
  • This is the longest road in the UDU, but I-76 may be longer once the Newark Overhaul releases.

A shot of US-40 west of Bordenville.

Comparison to real life

  • In real life, US-40 runs from Park City, UT to Atlantic City, NJ. US-40 runs in Delaware for about 17 miles before entering New Jersey. It also intersects DE-896 and DE-72, just like it does in the game.

A BUS-US 40/US 40 rotary sign.

Important Notes

  • Warning: Do not block the causeway section as other players may be unable to pass you. If run out of fuel and break down on the causeway, refuel your vehicle immediately with the emergency gas can or notify authorities. If all else fails, delete the vehicle and respawn it. Intentionally stopping on the causeway (except for signals) blocks the flow of traffic and you may receive disciplinary action from official UDU moderators if caught.
  • Caution: If your vehicle breaks down on the drawbridge and leaves you stuck on the bridge, make sure all occupants leave the vehicle immediately and get off the bridge in case DOT raises it. Others can pass your vehicle on the drawbridge when open to traffic.

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The US-40 Drawbridge between Palm Shores and South Beach.

US-40 road shield.

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