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Note: This page is dedicated to the official Ultimate Driving Staff Members. If you're looking to find contact with our UDU Wikia Staff, visit this page to contact one of our volunteered members for any questions or to report an issue on the site.

Here is the list of official UD staff members, including former staff members that used to serve for the UD community. Each of the staff members have certain roles to manage and moderate the game and community in the long-run. Please as requested, respect their duties as they were highly selected to serve as part of the team to assure you a safe experience in the Ultimate Driving Community. If you have a moderation request to make or filing an appeal, please do it in the official UDCE (Ultimate Driving Chat Extravaganza) discord server.

Repeating this again, they have no affiliation with the wikia site itself, so they have no right to resolve any of our community issues.

UD Staff Roles

All information has been updated as of April 21st, 2021.


The person who first created the first amazing Roblox driving simulation community.

Roblox Avatar Roblox Name Sites
TwentyTwoPilots Avatar.png
TwentyTwoPilots Roblox
Discord: TwentyTwoPilots#0001

Board Of Directors

Executives of Ultimate Driving.

Roblox Avatar Roblox Name Sites
Repujaketion (JakeFromRoblox) Roblox
Discord: Jake#8321
Ren97 Avatar.png
Ren97 Roblox
Discord: Renaud#1337


The people who manage the community of Ultimate Driving. Other roles will be included in this article table.

Roblox Avatar Roblox Name Specific Roles Sites
Chris L Avatar.png
Chris_L Community Manager, @UDUCommunity Twitter Account Manager Roblox
Discord: Chris#0001
Adlucinor Avatar.png
Adlucinor (Jalex) Community Manager, UD Mod Hiring Manager Roblox
Discord: Jalex#2349
Rosieeeee Avatar.png
Rosieeeeeee (Rosie) UD Mod Hiring Manager, Forums Warden Roblox
Discord: Rosie#8310
Zlyhaine Avatar.png
Zlyhanie (Tyler) UD Moderation Supervisor Roblox
Discord: Tyler B.#3421
Zealously Avatar.png
Zealously (Tiara) UD Moderation Supervisor Roblox
Discord: tiara#2700
Starkysaurus Avatar.png
starkysaurus (Jordan) Appeals Manager/Warden Roblox
Discord: jordan#4321

Universe Builders

The people who expand the universe with fresh new game maps in Ultimate Driving.

Roblox Avatar Roblox Name Sites
Index15 avatar.png
index15 (Scott) Roblox
Discord: index/scott#0700
Marcus dot avatar.png
marcus_dot (Marcus) Roblox
Discord: Marcus#5235


The people who keep the Ultimate Driving community in moderation and take care of in-game player reports.

Roblox Avatar Roblox Name Sites
A roxn Avatar.png
A_roxn (Aaron) Roblox
Discord: аaron#5115
0Veibae Avatar.png
0Veibae Roblox
Discord: Divizorz#0172
Lewkaris Avatar.png
Lewkaris (Lucas) Roblox
Discord: Lucas#6068
M8loo Avatar.png
M8loo Roblox
Discord: SuperSupra#4321
Ry6nd Avatar.png
ry6nd (Ryan) Roblox
Discord: ry.#0021
FlexedBiceps Avatar.png
FlexedBiceps Roblox
Discord: FlexedBiceps#7800
UpLikeWoah Avatar.png
UpLikeWoah (Woah) Roblox
Discord: ulw#0999
KaroWalker Avatar.png
KaroWalker (Karo) Roblox
Discord: karo#6946
Cubed Cheddar Avatar.png
Cubed_Cheddar (Thomas) Roblox
Discord: Thomas#0467
Rebellious Sarah Avatar.png
Rebellious_Sarah (Sarah) Roblox
Discord: Rebellious_Sarah#0849

Retired Staff Members

The people who used to be volunteered staff members of Ultimate Driving.

Roblox Avatar Roblox Name Highest Position Held Sites
Zeffy94 (Matt) Board of Directors Roblox
Discord: ZephyZeph94#0666
Trellux Avatar.png
Trellux Moderation Supervisor Roblox
Xxdebilexx Avatar.png
xxdebilexx Universe Builder Roblox
Hydrolock March 2021 Avatar.png
Hydrolock Universe Builder Roblox
Discord: Hydrolock#8718
Mochapathy Avatar.png
Mochapathy Universe Builder Roblox
BullRusterXxl15 Avatar.png
BullRusterXxl15 Universe Builder Roblox
Discord: BullRuster#5380
IllinoisRoadGeek Avatar.png
IllinoisRoadGeek (Yignificentx/Evan) Universe Builder Roblox
Discord: Evan#9035
Bsan77 Avatar.png
Bsan77 Moderator Roblox
Captain Nico Avatar.png
Captain_Nico Moderator Roblox
Discord: Nico#0420
Whymsiical Avatar.png
whymsiical (Daunte) Moderator Roblox
Discord: Daunte#0001
Devuhloper Avatar.png
devuhloper (Falcon) Moderator Roblox
Discord: falcon#1844
Lilly S Avatar.png
Lilly_S Moderator Roblox
Discord: Lilly#0325
GardenStateParkway Avatar.png
GardenStateParkway Moderator Roblox
Discord: Official_Dutta#9572
Miss Freakout Avatar.png
Miss_Freakout Moderator Roblox
Discord: /b#4971
OJayBird Avatar.png
oJaybird Moderator Roblox
Discord: oJaybird#8686
Sh5wn Avatar.png
sh5wn (shawn) Moderator Roblox
Discord: shawn#1111
Numatics Avatar.png
Moderator Unknown Roblox